Coyote Run 50K

The Coyote Run 50K, will be held on February 20, 2010 @ 7:30AM on the beautiful trails of Estell Manor Park, in Atlantic County NJ.  Why the name "Coyote Run" you ask?  The park rangers tell me that there are a few coyotes living in the north end of the park that take care of the "sick and lame".  Not to worry though, even though we will run through their habitat, just don't look like you are hurting and there shouldn't be any casualties (OK, so this might be a problem in the later miles- just kidding).  Click here for some interesting reading regarding coyotes in NJ.
This event, run Fat Ass style (see below for description), was created for the beginning ultra runner to conquer the ultra distance.  The course, which is always subject to change depending on the weather, is mostly single track trail with some wooden walkways thrown in.  No mountains or anything like that but you still have to cover the 31+ miles.  You are responsible for you own water, snacks, coyote repellent, or whatever you need to get you to the finish in one piece.  The course will have multiple loops so you will be able to return to the start to re-fill your bottles, refuel, etc.  *Coyote Run 50K is not an official or certified race, just an endurance run.
Additional information- Race registration will be capped at the first 25 persons to sign up as there is limited parking within the park.
What's a Fat Ass format event?  It's a term used in the ultra-running community that means that the run doesn't have all the amenities of a race you pay for.  It is an offical Fat Ass event though, and finish times of the event will be recorded and posted.
What NOT to expect at a Fat Ass event:
  • No entry fees
  • No T-shirts
  • No goody bags 
  • No awards
  • No sponsors
  • No aid stations (bring your own fluids & nutrition)
  • No road or trail closures (so obey all normal trail etiquette and traffic laws)
  • No time cutoffs (other than normal park closures) 
  • No spectators (except the local wildlife) 
  • No complaints

What you do get at a Fat Ass format event:

  • A date, time, and place
  • A course or route
  • Bragging rights
  • Good people
  • Great fun
  • Possible social events following the run at a local food/drink establishment
Since it's not an official race, it also means that anyone that wants to participate is welcome.  If you want to participate in this Fat Ass, but don't want to run 50K (let's say you want to run 10, 15, or 20 miles), that's OK since it's not an official race.  Just don't claim that you did do the 50K, as there will be posted finisher results.


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