Great Running Links –

Runners World - Forums, shoe reviews, training articles, pace calculators, etc.
Running Times - Shoe reviews, training articles, race time equivalent calc, etc.
Marathon Guide - Marathon dates, results, training, more.
USA Track & Field - Find a certified course or sanctioned race.

Local NJShore Stores:
The Sneaker Shop - Local running store in Ocean City, Cape May County.
Beacon Cycling and Fitness - Northfield, Atlantic County cycling and tri shop. - The latest styles, great prices, free shipping.
Team NJShoreRun members receive a discount for
online orders placed at!
Running Gear Essentials - Proper running shoes and tech shirt a MUST!
Running Shoes - Fit & buying tips, what kind of pronator are you?
Technical Apparel - Once you go tech, you'll never go back.
RaceReady - Excellent race shirts.
Hammer Nutrition - The best liquid fuels. Tell ‘em I sent ya for a discount on your first order.
Endurance Athlete's Guide to Success - A MUST read. Runner's fueling bible.
Garmin Forerunner - Great GPS training tool.
McMillan Running Calculator - Translate race times for different distances.
Tinman's Heat Index and Running Performance Chart

New Runners:
Beginners Guide to Running - Great links regarding starting running, safety, and health benefits.
Couch to 5K Running Program
Exercise & Health: A Complete Beginner's Running Guide

NJShore Running Clubs:
NJShoreRun Running Club - Our club and team!
BFF Best Foot Forward Running Club - Ladies Atlantic County running club.

Local Training Run Calendar - Find training runs/rides/swims in NJShore counties.

Local Interest:
Jersey Shore Running Club - A great club in Central NJ.
NJ Road Runners Club - Another club in Northern NJ.
No Limits Endurance - Local personalized coaching for runners and triathletes.
AJ’s Marathon Blog
JoyRuN's Blog
Running A Life Blog
PowerBounce Shoes - South Jersey local Herb's shoes!
NJShoreRun Electric Bill Savings - Save $$ on your electric bill now!

Other Local Race Calendars:
NJShoreRun Running Race Calendar
Race Forum

NJ Local Event Timing and Calendars:
L & M Sports
Athletes' Korner Sports Timing

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