NJShoreRun Race Shirts

Currently Unavailable due to loss of supplier. I've had some requests about making some NJShoreRun.com shirts. A good way to get the group together at races and training run, as well as spread word of the club and site. The current logo was designed and painstakingly massaged by my cousin, Tim S, to create an awesome shirt! These are great technical running shirts from RaceReady.com, perfect for racing and training. See available styles below. They'll put the order on just about any combination of their technical tanks (men's and women's cuts), shortsleeve, longsleeve, or sleeveless trail shirts. Runners who join the NJShoreRun running club by buying a shirt will receive a discount for online orders placed at Runningwarehouse. Get your shirt and join the team today!

NJShoreRun Shirts available to purchase or order:

This time will be ANY SHIRT TYPE, ANY COLOR of your choice (one color print- white ink on dark shirts, black ink on lighter shirts). They will be from www.RaceReady.com. Colors available for most shirt types- white, royal, black, lime, yellow, orange, blaze orange, pink, red, purple. All shirts are technical material. Please check the RaceReady size chart for each product on the links below. Note: You may need to size up one size. Normally, I wear a medium shirt. In this brand singlet and short sleeve shirt, I wear a large. Also note that some of the women's shirts are women's sizing, and some are unisex sizing. The shirt examples, fabric, and size chart links are found in the album below.

What's available to order:

Men's and women's sized singlets (women's 2" longer now).

Men's short sleeves.

Women's v-neck short sleeve (2" longer now).

Men's long sleeve.

Women's v-neck long sleeve.

Men's tops styles- http://www.raceready.com/product-category/mens/?orderby=price

Women's tops styles- http://www.raceready.com/product-category/womens/?orderby=price

Approximate Prices likely $20 for singlets, $21 for short sleeves, $25 for long sleeves. Will not know exactly until I see how many we order. Certain special shirt types may be additional cost.

I'll be collecting orders for a new batch of race shirts every year or so. Send me an email to get on the list for the next order. As soon as I meet the minimum quota, I'll reconfirm with everyone on the list, and send out the order. I need to get 30+ minimum to print an order and keep the prices low. I'll take orders via cash, check, or Paypal. I can ship a shirt to you for $3 for 1, $3.50 for 2 shirts.

And as my thank-you, anyone who joins NJShoreRun running club by buying a shirt gets a discount code for 10% off online orders at Runningwarehouse.com

Any other questions or to place an order, just send me an email.

Sample shirt styles, black or white ink only now:

Men's and women's singlet:

Front view, white- Back view-

Unisex Cool T short sleeve:

Front view, orange- Back view-

Men's trail (sleeveless shirt w/ rear pocket):

Front view, white- Back view-

Unisex ReadyTech® Alta Long Sleeve:

Front view, black- Back view-

Women's v-neck short sleeve:

Front view, white- Back view-