2011 Animal Camp 100 Mile Endurance Run (TAC100)

The Animal Camp 100 Mile Endurance Run

Margate to Cape May, NJ and back

Friday, February 25-26, 2011

Two groups set out on Friday, February 25 on an Epic adventure at the Jersey Shore that included torrential downpours, 40-60MPH headwinds, blowing sand, thunder & lightning, sub-freezing overnight temperatures, 24 bridge crossings, 5 boardwalks, and fantastic beaches. Speedy Animal Camp members Josh, John, and AJ blazed through the course in a sub-24 time! TAC50 mile finishers Marge and Tim braved the most brutal Jersey Shore conditions. And congrats to new Animal Camp Member, Steve Bodnar, who finished his first 100 miler in the tough conditions with an injury, paced by his 100 mile tour guide, NJShore Steve. *TAC100 is not an official or certified race, just an endurance run.

TAC100 Mile Finishers: TAC50 Mile Finishers:

Name S Age Time Name S Age Time

------------------------- -- ------ ---------- ------------------------- -- ------ ----------

Josh Dennis M 38 22:24 Tim Ellis M 32 13:22

AJ Johnson M 47 22:24 Marge Ascari F 49 13:22

John Dennis M 30 22:24

Steve Antczak M 43 31:22

Steve Bodnar M 49 31:22

Note for 2012- Keep your eyes peeled for details on the 2012 TAC100! Although we won't run the 2011 Jersey Shore course again, I'm sure it will be just as much of an Adventure! Likely a trail course for 2012, date and place to be determined (possible locations- Batona Trail, D & R Canal Trail, the Appalachian Trail @ the Delaware Water Gap, or some other NJ/PA local trails. Still will be a fat-ass endurance run, similar to the format above.